Survey results

Thank you so much to the more than 2,600 of you who took the time to fill in my survey! It's so important to hear your views, particularly in lockdown, when face to face contact is so hard. You gave me some very strong messages about what's important to you and how you want me to make policing better. 

I’m pleased to report back on what the results are so far.

65.1% of you think crime and antisocial behaviour has got worse in your area in the last 12 months.

58.3% have actually witnessed crime or antisocial behaviour in your area in the last three months.

I will support victims of crime and their families.

Roads are a big concern for you, particularly speeding (48.4%) and increasing volumes of traffic (18.6%).

I will make safer roads one of my top priorities.

You believe these should be priorities for policing in our area:

  • Getting more police out into communities (75.3%)
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour (69.2%)
  • Cutting burglaries (40.2%)
  • Knife crime (32.5%)
  • Speeding (32.8%)

Last year Hampshire County Council significantly cut the hours street lamps are lit in residential areas. 63.1% of you think this NOT is a good idea. Find out more about my campaign for safer street lighting here.

90.4% of you feel that there is not a strong enough police presence in your area. Did you know that Hampshire and Isle of Wight police receive £43 million less than the national average? I will fight for better funding and support our police to be more visible in our communities.

92.6% of you say you have never received a communication from the current Police & Crime Commissioner. This is a disgraceful statistic! If you elect me on 6th May, I promise I will listen to you and communicate with you regularly.


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