Safer roads on the Isle of Wight


I met with campaigner Nick Stuart on a very rainy October day to discuss the importance of coordination between the island council and the police to improve road safety.

Talking to local people, there were lots of concerns along the proposed route of the new Isle of Wight TT.  While it is a positive to have events that attract people to the Island, there are real worries about safety.  A TT event brings people to the area for a few days, but the experience from elsewhere is that bikes will explore the route all year round. 

Have the additional costs of policing and of dealing with the inevitable additional accidents been factored in?  

Bike noise can be a blight on people’s lives.  We discussed the actions that can be taken, including the potential use of acoustic cameras.  By checking noise levels as well as speed, they can catch those who have illegally removed the baffles from their bikes.

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